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Account Policies

  1. When you are creating an account with foodyC. you are already saying yes to our privacy policies.
  2. our policies are subject to changes without any prior notification or so.
  3. When creating an account you will be asked to submit your email address and a password. After successfully entering your email and password we will send you a automatically generated verification email with a verification link.
  4. You must click the link to verify your account. Unless until your account is verified you cannot do anything with your foodyC. account.
  5. You are requested to use a strong password that will satisfy our strong password criteria. You are supposed to use a minimum 6 length password with both uppercase and lowercase letters and one or more number.
  6. All your passwords are safe to us and will be protected in our server with encryption and salting. Even admin and developers cannot see your password. So in case you get some difficulties with your email and password even the developers cannot help you to resolve those problems.
  7. In case you forgot your password you can issue a password reset email from your account page.
  8. Once your account is verified then you can use all the great features of having foodyC. account. You can add Recipes and Reviews and take part in the foodfantsay food forum.
  9. Verified users can access their Account Panel. From the account panel users can update display name, set new email address, update password and profile picture. From the account panel users can also access their submitted Recipes and Reviews and can delete or modify them.
  10. Our foodfantasy is an experimental food forum, where you can share all your thoughts related to food and in future you can also interact with any of the posts. Currently the delete message feature is not included in the forum so be careful and do not spam.
  11. In case of any abuse or spamming just use our report abuse link.
  12. We just launched our Abyölk Store. The policies are separate for that store and only implicitly present there.
  13. We can store some informations locally on your local or session storage or your cache and cookies to operate our website smoothly.
  14. We may store some device informations on our server-side. Though we do not store any critical private data of our clients but we may store device informations for analytical porpouses. We do not store any Google Password as dta. The Google Login portion of our website relies on OAUTH2 directly provided by Google themselves and handel it in a encrypted manner. To lern more read Google Policies about OAUTH2. Your usual username and passwords remain stored in our serverside with encryption. We distribute all our contents over HTTPS with SSL.
At last all members are requested to keep this community clear, transparent, food oriented and great fun place. All the members are requested to Like Share and Comment in the posts that are made in this facebook group.


Facebook Group Polices

  1. If you are a member of our group foodyC then it is highly recommended that you must like our page Foody Couple and also our Instagram page.
  2. Currently this group is operating as an open group, but in future this group may turn into a closed or private group, in that case the policies may change so it is recommended that all of you please stay aware of our policy changes.
  3. It is absolutely necessary that you all MUST INCLUDE “#foodyc” INTO ALL POSTS that you create in this group.
  4. Currently this group exists as a food community. So it is recommended that you create posts that centers around the topic “food”, all comments, posts, places, etc must be oriented around the topic Food.
  5. Any/All posts created in the group should be APPROVED or DECLINE only by GROUP ADMINS and GROUP MODERATORS. Admins and Moderators are free to approve/decline any post they seems right. Their decision cannot be questioned by any member of the group. Moderators in the group are recruited only by the GROUP ADMIN(S). Role of Group Admin(s) in this group is not subject to change. New Admin(s) cannot be recruited in this page at this time. No member can requested for the post of moderators or admins.
  6. Contests/Competitions in this group can only be initiated/introduced by ADMINS or MODERATORS (Only with prior affiliation of the admins). No members can initiated/introduce any completion/contests in this group by their own. In such completion/contests all the group members are requested to participate. The judging authority of any such completion/contests is of the GROUP ADMIN(S) only. Even the moderators are not allowed to take part in the judging procedures introduced/originated in this group. Results of such completion/contests are not subject to change or cannot be questioned by any members of the group. In case of such completion/contests the results are final words of Group Admins and can only be changed if THEY decided to. Otherwise judging results of the group ADMINS in case of such completion/contests are final and not changeable. Any members violating this said rule(s) HERE can be banned from this group and in this case the opinion of the Group Admins is/are FINAL.
  7. It is highly recommended that you keep on inviting your friends in this group still this group operates as an open group. This policy may change. But it is important at this stage so that the posts made in the group can get high reaches.
  8. Approval/Decline of member’s requests or Prorogation of any members/Banning of any members are in complete authority of GROUP ADMINS. Even Group MODERATORS are not allowed in this regime. The moderators are not allowed to ban any person in this group.
  9. This group doesn’t support spamming. Period. NO UNAUTHORISE LINK SHARING. NO UNAUTHORISE ADVERTISING. In case of repeated spamming any member can be banned by the GROUP ADMIN(S). AS FOR NOW ONLY THE ADMIN(S) ARE ALLOWED TO INICIATE ANY LIVE STREAM IN THIS GROUP. The Last mentioned rule is subject to change.
  10. NO FOUL LANGUAGES. Group members are requested not to use any bad words/swearing. No racial/social gender related discrimination should be tolerated. No explicit comments or harassment towards any member of this group should not be tolerated. Any member doing such discrimination/bad comments should be banned from the group.
  11. foodyC WhatsApp group should only allow the person to join who are already a member of this facebook group. The foodyC WhatsApp group will be operate as a free subscription based community. To join the foodyC WhatsApp group members should follow the procedures thoroughly that are already posted in the groups.
At last all members are requested to keep this community clear, transparent, food oriented and great fun place. All the members are requested to Like Share and Comment in the posts that are made in this facebook group.
WhatsApp Group Polices IN CASE OF VIOLATION OF ANY GROUP RULES If all/any rules/group policies are violated by any of the members of the groups, Then you are requested to complain here. Just take a screenshot and upload here with any/all complains, mention the person(s)'s name(s) and WhatsApp Number(s) and describe in few words of his/her action. We will take instant action(s). We are trying to make this community a safe and well lit food heaven, where people can freely talk and share about their personal opinion focused around only food and food related place(s), method(s), etc. No cultural, racial or sexual discrimination should not be tolerated in this group at any cost. So all the members are requested to maintain and follow all the group rules that are mentioned above.
A real life couple Titas and Sukanya. In quest for good foods. Review, recommendations and visiting new restaurants. Discovering budget foods. Good food what everyone like. Titas and Sukanya in a journey for discovering budget good food in local restaurants. Reviewing them and recommending to others as well.
Titas Mallick
Sukanya Saha